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Great Reunion. Enjoyed seeing everyone and hated coming back to the 100 degree weather in Baton Rouge.
27 June 2012 - Baton Rouge, LA

joanne hughes | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Hi everyone..I live in Canby Oregon now..does anyone remember me???
27 April 2012 - canby..oregon

Sue Randolph Barr | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Found Linda Howard Nash in CA, her Mom lives on New Era Rd. in Oregon City. Have a great reunion this Saturday...we'll make the next one!
21 June 2011 - Charbonneau OR

Looks like I'll be able to be in Portland for the reunion Friday and Saturday. I'll look forward to seeing everyone!
16 April 2011 - Baton Rouge, LA

Linda Bingenheimer
Welcome back home, Dick,
10 October 2010

Richard Henrickson | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Having lived in NYC for 43 years, recently moved back to Oregon to retire. Looking forward to seeing you all again in June. Dick
10 October 2010 - Newport, OR

Diane Roake Oddone | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Wow! Happened upon your webpage as I was browsing looking for pics from my brother Jim's Clack High Party that he throws. I was always sad that I had to transfer to Madison High School my sophomore year. My childhood friends went to Clackamas. Reunion sounds fun!
23 September 2010 - Salt Lake City, UT

Looks like lots of fun. Sorry We had to miss it. It was nice to see pictures of people I hadn't seen for forever.
6 July 2010 - Lake Oswego

Skip Kepler via email
Really well done! Thanks and keep it up!
28 June 2010

Shayne Hay Keith via Email
As nice as it sounds, going to Mexico, or Maui, may not be within some people's budgets. So, it seems like you would get a lower attendence than you are getting, now. Especially if people live out of state, already. I, for one, don't possess a passport, and would have to work on getting one, before going to Mexico. Just random thoughts. I had a nice time at the picnic and it was nice seeing people from the past. Too bad that some of the people left early and we missed them. I was hoping to see them. Thanks for all the work that you guys put in.
Anita drove Sue and I on a trip up to our old neighborhood in Happy Valley on the way home, Saturday. We three lived above the valley close by each other. I haven't been there since my first son was born, at least 39 years! So, it was really changed except for our "old" houses. They were the new houses when we lived there!
Shayne Hay (Keith)
28 June 2010

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